top five friday: bonus “halfway” edition!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a Top Five Friday post, so I’m making this into a DOUBLE Top Five post! I know… awesome.

So as of next week I’ll have been in Freiburg for 2 months and I’ll have a little more than 2 months to go in my exchange. (WHAT?! Where in tarnation does the time go??)  To commemorate this milestone, I’m going to list my Top Five Favorite Things I’ve Done So Far, and then I’m going to follow that up with my Top Five Things I’m Most Looking Forward To. And because I just got out of a 9-hour-long class (seriously, what the heck?), I’m going to rely heavily on pictures. Here goes!

My Top Five Favorite Things I’ve Done So Far:

1. Travel with my mom

What a super fun week! My mom and I get along really well–we’re just similar enough but also different enough from each other. I really loved getting to hear fun stories that I’d somehow never heard before… how she tricked her mom into letting her get her own dog, how she made a horrible cake for my dad right after they got engaged, how she used to work crazy ridiculous shifts when she first became a nurse. It was cool.

2. Get to know Freiburg

My first month here was during the Semesterferien, which meant that no one was really here… so I explored a different part of the city basically every day. I know Freiburg like the back of my hand now (sorta kinda). I’m pretty proud of that. This picture is halfway up the Schlossberg, the hill that overlooks the city.

3. Experience the “taste of Europe”I’ve had beer in Germany, wine in Italy, schnitzel in Munich, pasta in Rome, Rösti in Switzerland, and Alsacian Wurstsalat in Alsace-Lorraine. And of course Bockwurst in Freiburg!

4. Mix travel with faithMy trips to Rome and Vallendar, for JPII’s Beatification and to visit Schoenstatt respectively, were great… a little sightseeing, a little prayer, lots of good times.

5. Make German friends: I don’t have any pictures with them yet, unfortunately. But I have met some pretty fantastic people who are awesome and very patient with my German and lack of bike-riding skills. Also, I have discovered that awkward dancing circles are a universal occurrence among young white people.

My Top Five Most-Anticipated Future Adventures:

1. Go to Poland

2. Do touristy things in Freiburg

This starts tomorrow, when a friend and I are going on a photo tour around the city!

3. See castles

Except that German castles > Swiss castles

4. Travel with more family! Yay! Ryan and my dad are (hopefully) both coming to visit me!

5. Be spontaneous! Yes, this is my cop-out answer because I don’t have anything else 100% planned yet…

Stay tuned for all this fun stuff and more! Happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “top five friday: bonus “halfway” edition!

  1. I think you are a terrific travel companion too because of your awesome sense of adventure…where shall we go next?

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