i’ll be me, you’ll be you

First of all, anyone who can name the song gets 50 points!

I just got back from my Pfingstpause trip. I had so much fun this week that my body can’t take it anymore and is going to collapse from exhaustion, but I figured I’d write a little about the first part of my vacation before I let that happen.

On Friday, I took the train to meet my dad in Frankfurt. Because of crazy weather delays and subsequent luggage misplacement, I beat him there. Then, because I’m such a loving daughter, I did my jet-lagged dad the service of keeping him out until 1 AM Friday night by getting us lost on the U-Bahn. Love ya, dad!

Once all bags had been accounted for on Saturday morning, we headed for Würzburg. We stashed our obscene amount of luggage in a locker at the train station and then set out for the Würzburg Residenz, the former home of the Prince-Bishop. My dad insisted that we go on the German tour instead of the English one, so I translated for him.

The Residenz was beautiful and much more manageable than the one in Munich, which was huge! All of the artwork was gorgeous, and it was extra impressive because most of it (including the incredibly ornate Spiegelkabinett) had to be re-furnished after WWII, when the building was largely destroyed. After our tour, we saw the cathedral (which I thought was pretty, but really spastically decorated), the Marktplatz (which was really lively–my dad was super impressed by it), the bridge (filled with people enjoying afternoon cocktails), and the old fortress across the river (from afar).

My engineer father trying to figure out the purpose of the dam

Next stop after Würzburg was Rothenberg ob der Tauber, a little walled-in medieval city that retains all of its charm despite outrageous touristy-ness. We were lucky enough to be there the weekend of the Meistertrunk festival, so it truly felt like we stepped back in time: everywhere we looked, there were locals in period dress riding horses, singing old German songs, and generally being rowdy. It was awesome. We got to walk on the old city walls, explore some “ruins,” see the old castle gardens and beautiful views, and continue my dad’s quest to try a different type of beer in each city.

On Sunday we headed to Heidelberg. I didn’t have high hopes for this one, since my trusty German guidebook gave it a bad rap, saying that it’s overhyped by Americans. But we really enjoyed ourselves! Heidelberg is known as the Birthplace of Romanticism because of all the artists and philosophers who used to hang out there, but now the main attraction of the city is the castle, a good hike up the hill from old town. We weren’t able to tour the inside of the castle, but the outside was quite impressive and the views were gorgeous. We enjoyed a delicious Italian meal, walked along the Rhein, and stumbled upon the prison (whoops…). I also introduced my dad to German pastries and he was immediately hooked. It doesn’t take much!

Monday, my dad flew out of Frankfurt to Austria, so returned to the big city. I said Auf Wiedersehen to dad, who headed for the airport, and checked into my hostel, which was a convenient distance of about 350 meters away from the train station. I spent that afternoon wandering around Frankfurt, which was actually much nicer than I’d expected it to be. I spent a little while on the Main River reading my book, which was quite pleasant, went to Mass at the Cathedral (it turned out that it was actually a holy day of obligation, so score one for the Holy Spirit telling me what to do), and explored some Roman ruins that were actually unearthed by bombs during WWII. I had to get to bed early because I had an early flight to catch the next day… to Poland! More about that later, though!

4 thoughts on “i’ll be me, you’ll be you

  1. We went to the Residenz yesterday! We also hiked up to the Festung, despite the rain. We were going all out because it was my dad’s last day. He went home today because of work. BUT OMG I walked right through the spot where you’re standing! I wanted to go into the church part, but it was being so renovated that it was completely closed, which i thought was very unfortunate, because one of the things I love most about this trip is spending time in the churches! Like in Austria, my aunt, uncle, and cousin and my mom and i walked to this village and when everyone was ready to go they were forced to make a detour because I spied a steeple in the distance several streets over. It was a pretty big church for a pretty small town. OH and also I found Eucharistische Anbetung at one of the churches here in Würzburg. It’s the Neuminster church, if i remember the name correctly. It’s like right across from the Marktplatz? Anyway, I just htought that was cool bc I just went and chilled in there for awhile one day! BUT ANYWAY, sounds like you had an awesome trip, and a very exciting trip to Poland, too! Oh and btw my mom told me the other day that pretty much every city has its own beer, so your dad’s goal was probably not too far out of reach!

  2. Oh also, about what you said about the Residenz being even more impressive because it had to be renovated and stuff… on that note, Würzburg was the most-destroyed city in World War II, right? Or was it just the German city with the most destruction? I can’t really remember what that statistic was, and I can’t ask my grandma because she’s asleep, and I tried to google it but I still can’t find it.

    ALSO, with regard to the Marktplatz being lively, yesterday when we made our way over there for lunch, there were three girls, one with a guitar and one with a mandolin, playing and singing songs in English, even though you could tell they were German. One of the songs was “You Raise Me Up” and their voices and harmonies were so sweet that I think I liked it better than listening to Josh Groban sing it, if that’s possible.

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