one month??!?!

When I get to go on day hikes and see things like this

and put my toes in the cold mountain water

and speak German and English interspersedly with a fellow exchange student

while taking in gorgeous Schwarzwald views,

followed up by a ride up the mountain in a chairlift

and a ride back down on a self-operated roller coaster,

I really, really, REALLY don’t want to leave Germany one month from today. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!

However, when I wake up to Facebook messages from my froomies that include the following suggestions for guidelines for our apartment next year:

“Let people know in advance if you’re having more than 3 visitors over. Don’t be shy about telling people they’re too loud. Don’t let visitors eat personal food. Michael Noriega can do whatever he wants.”

I can’t wait to get the heck back to Austin!

But then I remember that tomorrow I’m going on a brewery tour… so I think I’ll stay here for another month.

4 thoughts on “one month??!?!

  1. To be quite honest if I had the money I would fly to Germany asap just to do that hike and to see/experience everything I see in these pictures in this post and then come right back to the states. This makes me really really jealous of you! PS I had a discussion with Jessica Lauer the other day that included us agreeing that Noriega is just amazing and anyone who disagrees isn’t a real person.

  2. Wow. That all looks kind of ridiculously awesome.

    haha. I really hope to one day read all allyson’s rules.I can only imagine how great they are.

  3. I really didn’t want to leave Poland. I was not ready. So I feel ya.

    But the peeps back in Austin ARE pretty cool 🙂

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