geniesse den augenblick

Tonight is my last night in my dorm. Tomorrow is my last day before I sell my bike. And this is my last weekend in Freiburg. Man, does the time fly. I’ve said good-bye to so many people in the last forty-eight hours, it’s ridiculous. On the bright side, my last week here has been pretty spectacular so far. I’ve met so many wonderful people, and I’m so sad to leave them so soon–but one good thing about leaving is that it gives them all an excuse to show me how much they love me! (Just kidding… kind of.)

Leonie's birthday brunch. We aren't this blurry in real life, promise!

I’ve been meeting up with friends for lunch and dinner, playing cards and eating cake in Biergartens with my German class, enjoying my last alcohol-drinking days until March, and generally having a pretty good time whenever I’m not studying. And even when I am studying, I’ve had some pretty good companions. A couple of my friends frequent the same library I’ve been using as my writing sanctuary, so Mensa parties during our lunch breaks have been a good outlet for all my essay-writing craziness. (If you don’t already know, don’t ask.)

Yesterday was the last Mass and Gemeindeabend at the KHG. It was sad, but mostly really, really fun. There was so much amazing food, good company, and I got a good dose of home when the last of us gathered around the piano and sang cheesy songs until midnight. Some things are universal, I guess. A good number of students from the KHG are studying abroad next year, so the Gemeinderat was really sweet and gave a sunflower to each of us who isn’t going to be here after the break.

Study abroad, present and future

I’m leaving Freiburg Sunday night to stay in Basel until Monday morning, when I fly out. So my last hoorah is going to be Saturday night. My friend Konstantin is leaving soon, too, to study in Italy, so he’s having a party that nicely coincides with my last full day here. As weird as it is to say good-bye to these wonderful people without knowing the next time I’ll see them, at least my last few days here have been memorable. I’m gonna miss it here.

7 thoughts on “geniesse den augenblick

  1. My Annie lies over the ocean…my Annie lies over the sea…my Annie lies over the ocean…so bring back my Annie to me!

    Can’t wait to see you, friend! Less than 2 weeks! =D

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