movin’ out

Hey friends! I’ve been toying around with my layout a bit… I like what I’ve ended up with, because it’s simple and interesting, showcases one of my Europe pictures (the city pictured is Vienna, by the way–one of my favorites), and doesn’t have that annoying flowery thing I’d had before. Let me know what you think!

I just helped my dad pack up our van with, among other things, all the clothes I’m not tired of from wearing for 5 months straight in Europe and my brother’s old loft bed, all ready to move me into my new apartment tomorrow! I’m really excited to have my own place and to live with three of my best friends this year.

I’m also excited because we just had my mom’s old bike (probably as old as me) re-tooled so I can use it at school! I’m hooked–the thought of not having a bike at school is almost ludicrous to me. It’ll also come in handy when I start training for the triathlon I’m planning on doing in the spring! I’ve never done one before, but I have a background in swimming and have run a half marathon, so this seems like a semi-natural step. Getting back in the water after a 2 year hiatus should be weird, but hopefully worth it.

My brother is going to be a first year at UT this year, so in addition to getting myself ready to start a new semester, I’ve been kind of tagging along on for some of the freshman year preparations. Predictably, I’ve also been confused for the freshman in the family at Kohl’s. It’ll be great to have him in Austin this year! In addition to being awesome and fun, he will also be the source of dining hall meals for me. Yes.

Just as I’m on the cusp of starting the next chapter, my uncle sent me this fantastic reminder of my last chapter. Check out Part 1 of this photo essay about Freiburg, which they’re calling the “City of the Future.” This guy did a much better job of capturing some of my favorite places than I was able to! It’s like I never left… the picture with the “Platz der Alten Synagogue” shows the intersection leading from the university to the path I’d take to get back home, and the so-called “street café” is the Uni Cafe, which has the best salads and Flammkuchen in Freiburg. I can’t wait to see the next parts of this project!

One thought on “movin’ out

  1. As I said before, I love the new layout. Done.

    haha all of your triathlon posting stuff on fb has made me want to train for a 5k maybe. start off slow. =p maybe.

    and yay little siblings! it was weird going on college campus tours with jordi over the summer. he’s visiting here on the 18th!

    can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

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