a day at the opera

I have been tiiii-iiired. I guess it takes more than 1 night of sleep to shake jet lag. Yesterday I was “about town” for about 5 hours, and when I got home at 3, I promptly took a 2.5 hour nap…


Today, though, I got to make up for a few days of laziness by experiencing some Culture. (In German, Kultur. Who says it’s a hard language!)

After Mass, I met up with my host mom at the Semperoper (opera house), because today they had an open house! A bunch of opera- and theater-related activities, all for free!


We tried to watch some ballet, but the room was really crowded and we couldn’t actually see anything, so our first workshop was an Opera Prufe (practice). The singer was actually from the US, but he spoke all in German… I thought he was pretty good (at German… VERY good at singing, of course). It was funny when he would mess up and say something in English, like “Ugh I did it again!!” or “Too fast!” It was strange to hear an American accent from someone who had been speaking German.


We then went to a little workshop of a section from the opera “Die Pfledermaus,” in which we had to sing some parts, and some people learned a silly dance to it, and then the actual actors came and performed it with us.

Afterwards, we went to the actual opera house main stage and saw a few performances. If I learned one thing today, it’s that opera singers have some super-powerful voices. It was apparent in the little classroom with the American performer, but those strong voices really shine in the big opera hall.


Interesting fact about the Semperoper: like most of Dresden, the whole thing was destroyed in the war. They rebuilt it, a project which was only completed in 1985, to be a near replica of the original. It’s beautiful!





Our opera adventure concluded with a little tour through the workshops where they make the shoes, masks, and costumes for the productions. It was interesting to see the costumes from past shows and upcoming ones, too!

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