the best is yet to come

Classes start next week, I’ll be able to meet with my research supervisors, and I will officially move into my new apartment! Things are getting exciting!

I also went in to campus this afternoon to meet with one of the Geography faculty members, Cindy, who has been helping me out a little in the absence of my professors. She is very sweet, and we switch off between English and German because she is in an English class currently! 

With her help, I finally have a (hopefully) definitive course schedule! Lectures start next week, and seminars the week after.

As it stands, I’ll be taking Integrated Geographical Concepts, Intro to Limnology, Regional Physical Geography, and Watershed Management. All are in German except possibly the last one [there are 2 similarly-named classes, and one’s in English… I might go for the English one because it’s also a Master’s level class in a particularly relevant subject].

I’m starting to get excited and actually feel competent… when things were so far off, I felt helpless to deal with them, but now I’m excited to start my research and I think my project is actually doable! A good feeling to have.

My other win for the day was feeling prepared for the unceasing rain. A rainy day feels less terrible and more romantic when you’re wearing boots and a raincoat, and remembered to bring your umbrella!

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