tuesday ten

It looks like Tuesday is going to be my best chance at a regular posting day. I may be able to write on other days, but for now, I’m going to shoot to blog at least every Tuesday!

There’s been a lot going on around here, but nothing that warrants an entire post, really, so a brain dump/top ten-type list is the best I can do for ya. And I don’t have many pictures because I haven’t been taking any (bad blogger), but I do have some from my roommate, Agnes, that she took on our trip to her hometown. My camera phone was not cooperating.

The view of Burg bei Magdeburg from above

The view of Burg bei Magdeburg from above



So here we go, 10 things that are on my mind today!

1. In a group of Germans, it is not unusual for someone to be named Konstantin or Benedikt — no one even thinks twice about these names you would absolutely never hear in America — but the moment I introduce myself, everyone needs me to repeat my name 4 times and maybe spell it before they can understand what’s happening. And they do not know about Annie the musical… I tried that.

2. It is kind of a miracle that I ended up in an acceptable number of classes by the second week of the semester. My research advisor has been at TU-Dresden for over 10 years and he says he still doesn’t understand the website/scheduling system.

3. It is proving difficult to get back in the research game after a few months’ break, but hopefully I can establish a steady routine soon…

4. I just sat through a 3-hour hydrology lecture about the nitrogen, phosphorous, and carbon cycles. I am super impressed with myself. Also, the periodic elements have some crazy German names.

5. I love my neighborhood! As I walk back to the apartment from campus, I totally have a glimpse of the Marienkirche off in the distance, which is a nice reminder that I live in an awesome city, even if I don’t get to be in the Altstadt every day. Also, here is the view out my window, which I wasn’t able to capture a photo of until today:

2013-10-22 05.37.26

6. Somehow my German has gotten really good, even though I hadn’t spoken it with regularity since Freiburg. A normal reaction now, much to my surprise, when I meet someone new and give them the whole spiel (from the US, in Germany for 2 semesters on a scholarship) is “How do you speak such good German?” While it’s possible that this is partially flattery, it’s a far cry from the last time I was in Germany. I guess all that essay writing and 19th-century German literature junior year paid off?

7. I wish I could have a Pad Thai from Thai Cottage right now. I was totally spoiled this summer, when I got to eat it several times a week.

8. There is a little farmer’s produce stand outside the dining hall, and I picked up a beautiful bag of peppers and one of tomatoes after lunch today.

9. I finally have a functioning German debit card; now just waiting on the SIM card for my phone!

10. I’m headed to Cologne and Schönstatt this weekend!

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