problems viewing the page…?

I’ve had more traffic today and yesterday, I assume because of my new layout and the extra retroactive tagging I did. I’m glad you guys are still with me! I’m trying to write something new soon. However, I was informed by my mother that she was having trouble with content overlap with the new layout (which I really love)… is anyone else having this problem, and with what internet browser, if so? I use Chrome and I’m not having any issues. 

[this is the kind of thing that, were I a fancy blog with my own blog Facebook page or something, wouldn’t require its own post, but… alas.]

11 thoughts on “problems viewing the page…?

  1. Annie,   Individual posts are fine, the overlap is only on the homepage.  Again, I will try when I get home and see what happens there.  I don’t want to mess with my work computer settings.   Your Mother

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