WM and a few funny things

Last night was a blast and luckily I lived to tell the tale! Germany played the US in the World Cup, and Germany won but both teams advanced beyond group play. I’m excited because now I can root for both teams separately, as they wouldn’t play each other until the final if they both made it that far!

I went with Daniela, my tandem friend, to watch the game at a “South African” bar, and it ended up being a lot of fun even though we got rained on a lot on our way there! (We had to change our plans because of the rain… we wanted to watch at a Biergarten but it was open-air and we figured it would be a bad idea.) I’ve never been so invested in soccer before, and I’m having a lot of fun watching. I don’t know that I’ll be converted to a year-round fan, but with a lot on the line in the World Cup (and living in Germany with the Germans and Americans in the same group) it is a really lively atmosphere.

So there isn’t much to report, but a few funny things happened during the game…

First, after we sat down but before we ordered, the waitress came over and asked me something, but I couldn’t quite tell what she was talking about at first. I thought she had heard me tell Daniela that I already knew what I wanted (even though we had just told the waitress we needed some more time), but then she said something about my chair and it seemed like she wanted me to scoot my chair to the other side of the table. Which would have been strange.

I asked her to repeat herself but she just turned to Daniela and asked, “Does she understand me?” By this point we had both figured out what was going on (she just wanted to make sure I would scoot my chair in more towards the table so people could pass behind me), but after the waitress left, we both died laughing about how incredibly rude it was for her to ask Daniela–not even to directly ask me!!–whether I could understand!! Luckily this was one of the very first times ever I’ve been “insulted” about my German (and I honestly didn’t feel insulted, as it was a confusing situation that might have confused me in English).

And secondly, we had a fun time looking at the different names of the American players, as I am not very familiar with them since this was the first time I had even watched the US team. (Their first 2 games were on at midnight… no thank you.) One of the players is named Deandre Yedlin. Daniela asked me to pronounce his first name for her, and when I did, she professed that it was the coolest name she has ever heard, and kept asking me to tell her other, similar names. I couldn’t keep a straight face because the first thing I associate that name with is… this. 

Anyway, I am gearing up for a fun weekend because it is Elbhangfest this weekend!

3 thoughts on “WM and a few funny things

  1. “Bastian Schweinsteiger!” No better name in any sport. I loved repeating it after the radio announcer, trying to give it the proper German dialect. Colleen and I listened as we drove to Newark airport.

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