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Here’s what I’ve been up to during my last few weeks, trying to soak in all the Dresden fun before I leave!

DSC06648Filmnächte am Elbufer! For all of July and August, the city of Dresden presents movies on this huge screen right along the Elbe. (That’s where I watched the Germany-Algeria game as well as the WM final!) Felicitas and I went to go see Prisoners, that movie with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal that I knew would be too intense for me when I saw the preview. Turns out, it was too intense for us! So we left early. And I had nightmares. 

Soccer! I never got to a game last season, but luckily (?) since the Dresden Dynamo moved down to the 3rd Bundesliga this year, I was able to catch their very first game! It was an… interesting experience. Imagine a Texas A&M football game with the energy of Oakland Raiders fans. But they won!

Going to the cathedral when possible, as I really love it there and will miss it! Here we see the tail end of Thursday adoration, my last one. 

DSC06665Bidding farewell to friends. Adri, in the middle, is a fellow DAAD scholarship holder from Mexico. She cooked Felicitas and myself a delicious Mexican feast, which we enjoyed on this balcony with a fairly average view:DSC06663Overlooking the Stadtmuseum with a view of the Frauenkirche (hidden behind the tree on the left). Not too shabby!

DSC06658Abschiedsfeier! Felicitas and I had a little get-together of some friends where we grilled out in a park near our apartments! It really fun and we’re so appreciative of all the lovely people who came out to wish us well before we leave!

DSC06675 DSC06670 DSC06669Swimming in the Elbe! This was really fun. I may go back one more time before Thursday…

DSC06683Museums! We went with Daniela to the Militärhistorisches Museum (a statue outside of which is pictured above). Not pictured: us getting caught in the rain on our way to dinner and getting completely soaked! Later this week I’m hoping to get an appointment to see the Historisches Grünes Gewolbe museum exhibit in the palace, the last of the palace exhibits I haven’t seen!

3 thoughts on “bucket list

    • Haha. I was planning on writing a separate post about it actually but then didn’t have time……

      So basically the whole time there was lots of singing of different songs and chants all in unison, and everyone knew all the words and exactly what to do at each point. One interesting/frightening thing: whenever a player was announced (at the beginning with the whole lineup, when someone was substituted in or out, when someone scored), the announcer would say the first name and then the whole crowd would scream the last name back. It was the strangest thing. So I felt like how someone would feel being at a Texas A&M football game having no idea what any of the yells or whatever were. Like maybe if someone had no idea what Texas A&M was and somehow ended up at a football game.

      And the Raiders part… the Dresden fans are known for being quite rough. And they lived up to that stereotype. Like, booing an opposing player who is hurt.

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