[edited because I used the word “gorgeous” 42 times and it was getting embarrassing]

Today I finished my first week of graduate school! And now I have a 3-day weekend. The really awesome part is that I have 3-day weekends all semester. Totally makes up for being in class from (basically) 9:30-5:15 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Since today was one of those looong days, I don’t have much patience for writing at the moment, but I have been thinking about things I could possibly write about in the coming weeks, such as:

  • thoughts on moving to a new place and finding community (but I feel like I’ve kind of already done that?? meh)
  • my life as a hippie
  • why I love walkable cities!!
  • how to cook on a grad student budget when you know too much about food production and probably not enough about cooking
  • how Sperry’s from high school make your feet smell really bad when you wear them for the first time in forever

so let me know which of those sounds the least torturous for you as a reader. Be careful what you wish for because I may write all of them, but I may write none of them. 😉

To tide you over, here are some spare thoughts.

The Catholic student center here has a candlelight mass every Wednesday night and it’s gorgeous. Like one of the most gorgeous masses I’ve been to.

I’m glad I’m not an engineering student for several reasons, not least of which is the fact that there is an on-campus dairy store with homemade ice cream right near the engineering campus and… see the above about my grad school budget slash not wanting to gain 20 pounds.

Some classmates and I had a pickling party last weekend and now I have 3 delicious-looking jars of pickles/peppers/onions and one huge jar of pickled jalapeños!! [well, the jars don’t look delicious, but the contents do.]

This is old news but two weeks ago I bought a beautiful red and yellow, refurbished bike that’s older than I am and has an awesome yellow rack above the rear tire. I’m super excited about it. (actually, now I’m feeling like I wrote about this before. Sorry for the repetitiveness if I did. Clearly I am at the top of my GAME)

Basically, I’m doing well and loving it so far. Classes will probably pick up soon but I’ll try to get working on some of the post ideas I’ve been thinking about 😉 I know you’re dying to read them…




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