exhaustion + beauty

Hello friends! I am currently typing this from a hotel room overlooking a lake at the foot of the Swiss Alps in Luzerne! But before you get too jealous, it’s 6 PM here and I haven’t slept since 9 AM yesterday! What a crazy day of travel.

A few points of interest…

-I left my awesome travel pillow that I got for Christmas at home. Mistake. If you’re in the position to fly across the Atlantic anytime soon, definitely get one of those babies.

-Lufthansa, the German airline with which we flew, basically allows their patrons to drink their weight in alcohol… case and point, the elderly woman sitting next to me. She had to get up to use the restroom like 3 times and each time complained about her hip replacement. This was after downing like 2 glasses of scotch and a few glasses of wine.

-My iPod is confused… it used to have huge problems matching up album art with the right songs, and it’s mostly corrected the problems, but whenever I listen to any songs from Wicked, it shows one of Josh Turner’s album covers. It’s quite amusing.

I mean, he's good-looking and all, but it really doesn't match Wicked.

-I am going to have trouble convincing Germans to speak German with me. The first encounter I had was a good one… the stewardess asked me (in German) what I wanted to drink! I was incredibly flattered, but that also meant that I had to choose orange juice (Orangensaft) instead of ginger ale (my go-to airplane drink) because I didn’t know how to say ginger ale in German. For future reference, it’s “Ingwerlimonade.” Eine Ingwerlimonade, bitte! Definitely keeping that in mind for future flights. But besides that, apparently Germans have some kind of American radar or something (or maybe it’s because I have my non-German-speaking mom with me… 🙂 ) because they all shot down my attempts to speak German with them. I figured it wasn’t worth the battle with the guy handling passports at the Frankfurt airport, but I’ll definitely have to get more insistent about me practicing German rather than Germans using me to practice English!

So tonight the plan is to explore Luzerne a little bit, eat dinner, and crash hardcore. Yay jetlag!

Bis später, meine Damen und Herren!