welcome, new readers!

It has come to my attention that more people have been alerted to this blog’s existence. To you I say, welcome! Feel free to read about my German and European adventures, even though they took place over a year ago!

To my friends who took it upon themselves to publicize my blog, thanks for the free publicity! It’s only fair that I return the favor.

The incomparable creator of rodrigocantu.com


Wow, my friends are attractive. I’m so lucky I have them around.

It occurred to me that this post should maybe contain more substance, but the only things I can really think of to discuss are the overall attractiveness of the men’s Olympic swim team and the fact that I have less than a week of work till my vacation, so the life philosophy of one Ryan Lochte will have to do.

Much love to Michael, Carlos, and my tireless publicity crew. I hope you’re satisfied by this post. If any members of the men’s swim team happen to see this, call me, maybe?