merry christmas / frohe weihnachten / veselé vánoce!

I am currently in the magical city of Prague celebrating with and enjoying the company of these gems:blogblog2blog3This Advent, and especially in the past week or so, I have learned in a very tangible way what it means to expectantly wait for something… something greatly anticipated that you just know is going to happen, but you just can’t figure out how you will make it to that point!

Advent is always like that, I suppose, but in the end, we know that Christmas will come, that Jesus was born, and (maybe, if we’re having a good day faith-wise), that He is here with us now. And of course we are surrounded by Christmas decorations, Santa’s at the mall, and even the most normal radio stations play Christmas songs from time to time, so it’s inescapable that Christmas will happen at some point.

This year, Advent led not only to Christmas, but also to my reunion with my family! I couldn’t speed that up by watching Home Alone or listening to Christmas music or going shopping a little early… I just had to wait! And even though I haven’t been homesick, per se, I was just so anxious to finally see everyone!

Anyway, I hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas so far! Enjoy this song from one of my faves. It has a special meaning for me this year, though of course this song is a classic and you can’t quite go wrong!

settin’ up the pins

I’m leaving soon… like, really soon. For Germany. !!!!! So I figured I’d make a checklist of everything I need to have accomplished by Thursday.

-Turn 20! Check. That was easy. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, by the by.

-Finish shopping for Europe necessities: backpack, walking shoes, etc. Check. I really love REI.

-Buy new glasses due to somehow losing mine in my dorm room. Really unsure as to how that happened. Oh well. Check.

Look up the Mass in German! Check. In case you were curious, the new English Mass translation is really not that revolutionary. The response to “the Lord be with you” in German is already “und mit deinem Geiste,” which means “and with your spirit.” I guess this is kind of practice for Advent for me.

-Satisfy my cravings for Tex Mex and barbecue… Check. Thanks to Trudy’s and Pappasitos and Brooks Street Barbecue and the awesome peeps I got to eat there with!

Improve my German? I guess this one has been in progress for awhile now. I still need to go through my notes from my fake-semester at UT, though.

-Pack… also in progress. Do piles on my floor count?

-Realize that I’m actually going to Europe for 4 months and I leave in 3 days…?!?!! Yeah, don’t think I’ll get there for awhile. But I’m working on it.